The use of a uniformly sectioned shaft along its entire length gives the Light Point an elegant image. OPALA consists of a rectangular section galvanized steel shaft and the CRATOS luminaire.

It can be only one luminaire applied to the top of the shaft, two opposite ones or offset in height. OPALA is available at the height of 4m and 6m.



The DISK G luminaire associated with the unusual geometry of the frustoconical or cylindrical shaft creates an interesting combination of shapes.

The HIDRA Light Point is available in a single height of 4m and the shaft is made of galvanized steel.                                                                                                                                                 



JADE is a bi-cylindrical shaft which lower haul is made of steel and the upper is lacquered aluminum tube, wood effect. The assembly is complemented with distinctive details, such as the clamp that fixes the VILA LC luminaire.

JADE is available in 4m height and in single or double luminaire versions. The lower haul can be lacquered in any shade.

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