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dael_industria_metalurgica_lda-Holdis Luxor

Holdis Luxor

Conical shaft in hot dip galvanized steel, fixed to the ground by flange or buried, equipped with 10A fuse circuit breakers, to protect the connections to the POLARIS luminaire, painted in RAL to be defined. It also includes an optional two-projector helical layout that can be extended up to four units of this projector.



CROSS is a Light Point made by one galvanized steel cylindrical column and one aluminum luminaire, it has a powder coat finish.

CROSS was created taking into account the safety required at the time of crossing between a pedestrian and a vehicle, and the importance of lighting in the application place, mainly crosswalks. It has an application option of safety tape.



HOLDIS is a Light Point made of a conical column and the Polaris luminaire, which complements it with its fluid profile and it makes the environment an elegant public lighting experience.

This Light Point can be used in all types of outdoor areas, such as pedestrian areas, squares and leisure parks or parking lots. It promotes a path towards sustainability as materials are recyclable and the components can be replaced at the end of their lifecycle.



TOSS is a Light Point made by one square section column and the CRATOS luminaire, which complements it with elementary and unique shapes.

TOSS is adapted to crosswalks by placing two sets of LEDs on the column sides perpendicular to the road, thus allowing to alert vehicles that there are pedestrians on the crosswalk near its interaction radius.

dael_industria_metalurgica_lda-Trash Can Lighting

Trash Can Lighting

This Light Point consists of a cylindrical column with an attached trash can and it has a luminaire option. It is made of aluminum and it has a powder coat finish, in the Gris 900 Sablé color. This cylindrical column is available at a height of up to 6m.



This Light Point consists of a conical column with a single flight and a circular crown fixed by steel cables, which supports from two to five VILA LC floodlights. By that, it is created an improved visual experience of lighting and it allows a pleasant and safe light distribution by being displayed in crown configuration.

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